Extra cover
Items sent via ShopMate are not automatically covered for loss or damage. However, Extra Cover is available for items valued up to AUD5,000.00. It covers against loss, theft or damage of your parcel while being shipped by Australia Post*. 
To buy Extra Cover, simply select it as an additional feature when you pay for your item on ShopMate.

It costs only AUD2.50 per AUD100.00 of your parcel’s value. Please note that the value of your item is determined by its purchase price as detailed on the merchant’s invoice.
Making a claim
To make an Extra Cover claim, you'll need to lodge a claim form within 20 days of shipment of Your Parcel.  You may be asked to provide supporting information, a statutory declaration and proof of identity.
Claim forms are available at all post offices.
*Terms and conditions apply
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