ShopMate Terms and Conditions
These Terms of Use apply to your access to and use of the ShopMate website and to the provision of the ShopMate Services by Australia Post (we, us and our) to you.

Before registering on this website, and requesting ShopMate Services ("Services") please read through these Terms of Use for ShopMate. By registering on this website, you agree to the terms and conditions of use ("Terms of Use") of ShopMate as set out below. The Terms of Use include the terms and conditions set out below, the Australia Post Terms and Conditions (APTCs), the Australia Post Website Terms and Conditions (Website terms) and the Australia Post Privacy Policy. To the extent there is any inconsistency between these Terms of Use and the Website terms or APTCs, these Terms of Use shall prevail. You are bound by these Terms of Use and should review them whenever you are using this Service.

In these Terms of Use, the words 'you' and 'your' refer to you personally (if you are an individual) or to the entity you represent (if you registered on behalf of a business entity), and the words 'we' and 'our' refer to Australia Post or to its provider partners as provider of ShopMate (see definition of Subcontractors). Other definitions of specific words and phrases used in these Terms of Use appear the end of the Terms

Australia Post may vary these terms and conditions at any time by giving appropriate prior notice of proposed changes through the ShopMate website. Any use of the Service by a customer after any variation to the terms and conditions becomes effective will be deemed to constitute acceptance of the variations thereto, and any service supplied will be supplied on the terms and conditions as varied. If You do not accept any variation to the terms and conditions, You should terminate your participation in the Service as contemplated in the clause titled Termination and Suspension above.


  • To access the Services, you will need an Australia Post customer number, which you can get by registering through the ShopMate website or the Australia Post website. If your registration is successful, we will provide you with an Australia Post customer number and an alias US address for you to use in the US.
  • We cannot provide the Service if your computer system is not compatible with the ShopMate application. We accept no liability for the consequences of the ShopMate Website not being capable of being supplied for any technical reason.
  • At the time that you register for the Service and are asked to supply personal information you enter a secure online environment. From that time, the link between your Web browser and the ShopMate Website will be protected using a security certificate. This will be indicated by the appearance of a padlock on your browser.
  • You are responsible for maintaining secrecy and security of any username and password which allows you access to the ShopMate website. You accept responsibility for all transactions processed through the website after access is allowed following acceptance of your password.
Prior to Using the Service
You are responsible for completing all steps necessary to procure the shipping of your Parcels from the Merchant to your assigned ShopMate US Address, including paying all associated costs (including any taxes or other levies imposed by or through the US Merchant) related to the shipping and delivery.

Australia Post is not responsible or liable for any:
  • Failure or delay in delivery of Your Parcels to the Warehouse, including any claimed delivery of Your Parcels to the Warehouse where the Merchant has not obtained proof of delivery and a signed acknowledgment of receipt by authorised personnel at the Warehouse;
  • Anything which happens to Your Parcels prior to receipt of Your Parcels at the Warehouse or, where Your Parcels (or any item in Your Parcels) are to be returned to a Merchant, anything which happens to Your Parcels after dispatch from our Warehouse;
  • Anything which happens to Your Parcels if our Warehouse refuses to accept delivery of Your Parcel
  • Any unpaid taxes, duties or charges in respect of Your Parcel;
  • Any acts or omissions of any Merchant, including any refusal by a Merchant to ship goods to your ShopMate Address or any conditions (including additional taxes, levies, or charges) or restrictions placed by a Merchant on such shipping; or
  • Any dissatisfaction with the contents of Your Parcels, including where Your Parcels do not contain the Parcels you ordered from a Merchant.
Provision of the Services
You must comply with all ShopMate instructions and procedures, and must supply full and accurate information whenever requested to do so in the course of you applying for, and using, the Service.

Once you have placed an order with a Merchant:
  1. We will notify you when Your Parcel arrives at the Warehouse. If you haven't received a notification from Australia Post by the date of expected delivery notified to you by the Merchant, please check My Tracking on the ShopMate site and then contact our customer service team for support at
  2. We reserve the right, but are not obliged to, open and inspect any of Your Parcels at any time and for any purpose
  3. We will notify you if any of Your Parcels arrive at our Warehouse visibly damaged or if your Parcel contains Dangerous or Prohibited items.
  4. Where the value of your Parcel is assessed to be over $2,500 American Dollars, we will ask you to complete a customs declaration for Your Parcels, provide any requested information and documentation we require and ask you to pay the applicable Charges within 14 days of us notifying you of those Charges. You warrant that all information you give to us is accurate, complete and not misleading. Please note that the declared value will include the cost of Your Parcel from the Merchant to our warehouse. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for verifying any Customs declaration we complete on your behalf.
  5. You are solely responsible for advising an accurate Delivery Address through the ShopMate Website. Australia Post will not be responsible to you for any failure of, or delay in, the collection and / or delivery of any Parcel if your instructions are ambiguous, incomplete, or inaccurate.
  6. Extra Cover may be requested at additional cost for some Parcels. Extra Cover is only available for the shipping period leaving from the Warehouse to your Delivery Address. Extra Cover shall not apply for the time in which a Parcel is held in storage at the Warehouse. Specific terms and conditions (including exclusions) apply to Extra Cover. The full terms and conditions applicable to Extra Cover are available here.
  7. If these terms are complied with, we will Ship Your Parcel and deliver it to the Delivery Address (subject to your payment of the Charges and all applicable taxes, duties and customs clearance and any other charges notified to you).
  8. We will notify you when Your Parcels arrive in Australia. You may amend the Delivery Address at any time prior to final shipping payment and again once your consignment appears in ShopMate My Deliveries.
Completion of documents
You agree, that Australia Post is authorised to do any of the following on your behalf to enable Your Parcels to be Shipped from the Warehouse to your Delivery Address:
  • Complete any documents required under applicable Australian and/or US laws and regulations;
  • Act as your forwarding agent for US customs and export control purposes, and as a receiver solely for the purpose of designating a customs broker to perform customs clearance and entry into Australia; and
  • Take such other steps to carry out the Services by any route, means and carrier as we see fit in our sole discretion.
Your Parcel and Delivery
We will notify you once your Parcel has arrived in Australia.

You can manage payment and delivery of Your Parcel by logging in to Your Account on the ShopMate website using your Registration Details.
We will endeavour to deliver Your Parcels to you within the timeframes indicated on the ShopMate website. All delivery timeframes, whether on the ShopMate website or otherwise notified to you, are a guide. Delivery of Your Parcel in Australia will be governed by the APTCs – please read these carefully before sending.


Parcels – general prohibitions and provisions


Prohibited Parcels and Goods
You must not, at any time, seek to use either the ShopMate Service, or any Australia Post delivery service, for the consignment of any Prohibited Parcels or parcels containing Dangerous or Prohibited Goods. It is your responsibility to assess whether Parcels for consignment are, or may be, classified as Dangerous or Prohibited Goods, and / or are Parcels which are prohibited or regulated goods for the purposes of the laws of the country of destination. Australia Post provides information concerning Dangerous and Prohibited goods, (see for example - Dangerous & Prohibited Parcels page and the Dangerous and prohibited goods packaging post guide (3.08 mb) (PDF) but Australia Post does not represent that the information supplied is complete or up to date, and Australia Post has no liability for any consequence of you sending, or attempting to send, any Dangerous or Prohibited goods by mail. Your indemnity in favour of Australia Post applies in the event that any loss, harm or damage arises out of the consignment of Prohibited Parcels or Dangerous or Prohibited Goods.


High Value or Large Parcels
We will notify you on receipt of a Parcel at the Warehouse if (as assessed and determined at our sole discretion) it:
  • Is a High Value Parcel, exceeding the current Australian dutiable threshold in total value; or
  • Exceeds the maximum applicable size and weight limits for the ShopMate Service,

High Value Parcels
If Australia Post determines that Your Parcel is or may be a High Value Parcel requiring customs clearance, we will notify you of this fact via your ShopMate account. If you wish to proceed to secure customs clearance, we will pass your details to our nominated broker Vanguard Customs to handle customs clearance. You will have to deal directly with the customs broker and pay them directly for their fees and any taxes and duties. Alternatively, you can proceed to engage your own customs broker to handle clearance, or contact Australia Customs and Border Protection Service to organise clearance yourself. Once we receive clearance information then we can release the parcel form Customs hold.

If you do not wish to proceed to secure customs clearance, you should contact us to discuss return of your parcel to the Merchant.

You must also note that If you omit or neglect to make an election concerning customs clearance within 28 days of the date upon which our notification is sent to you, we will have the right to dispose of your parcel as provided for in these terms and conditions


Dimensions or Weight Issues
If Australia Post determines that your Parcel exceeds the maximum applicable size and weight limits for use of the ShopMate Service, (is "Oversize") you may either choose to return the Parcel back to the US merchant, shipped to another address in the US or disposed of by Australia Post. If you choose to return the Parcel to the Merchant or delivered to an alternate address in the US or destroyed, then we will advise you of any shipping, handling or destruction costs which must be met by you.


Dealing with Parcels
If at any time we are holding Your Parcel, and You omit within 28 days of a request from us to provide instructions or payment(s) required and requested by Us or if You omit within 28 days to arrange payment of charges assessed and notified by Us or a Customs Broker for Customs purposes or for the return of the Parcel to a Merchant or alternate return address, We are authorised by You to dispose of the Parcel in any manner which we determine appropriate in the circumstances, and we will have no liability to You as a consequence of or arising out of any such disposal.


Parcels Subject to Approval
The following items may be transported but may be subject to approval at our discretion as the item may not be compatible with our operation or cannot be sorted on our automatic sortation systems:

Loose items over 20 Kg
  • Items too small in size on weight to be conveyed
  • Bundles of any description
  • Flat pack envelopes
  • Tubes or cylinders
  • Drums
  • Loose items not in a carton
  • Un-crated machinery or engineering equipment
  • Small or oversized skids/pallets may or may not be compatible
  • Tyres/Tubes/Crates
  • Large electronic items – oversized TV’s for example
We will notify you if we receive items of this sort and advise whether we can ship the item.

If you fail to comply with the provisions of this section, then without further notice or liability to you, Australia Post reserves the right at our sole discretion at your cost and, including without limitation:
  • Refuse to accept such Parcels at the Warehouse;
  • Return Parcels to the relevant Merchant;
  • Destroy or disposing of such Parcels; and/or
  • Inform, and/or deliver any such Parcels to, any Regulatory Authority and/or
  • Take all reasonable steps to recover any costs and charges incurred by Australia Post associated with the above actions from you.
Compliance with all laws
You are solely responsible for ensuring that Your Parcels can legally be exported from the US; and imported into Australia,

Your responsibility includes ensuring compliance with:
  1. All applicable requirements of Regulatory Authorities (including border agencies responsible for clearing Parcels for movement between countries);
  2. All federal and state laws of the US relating to cross-border movement of goods;
  3. Australian Customs law and regulation, and
  4. The Australian Postal Corporation Act 1989 and the APTCs.

We have no liability to you for any of Your Parcels that cannot be delivered to you because you have not complied with this requirement. You should refer to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service website "Clearing goods through Australia" (which is available at Dangerous & Prohibited Parcels page) or the appropriate US governmental authority for further information. You acknowledge and agree that Regulatory Authorities may detain Your Parcels for any reason they deem appropriate and we are not liable for the consequences of any such detention, including any delay or failure to Deliver Your Parcel.


Inspection of Your Parcels
Australia Post reserves the right, but is not obliged, to open and inspect any of Your Parcels at any time and for any purpose, including but not limited to:
  • Inspecting the contents of Your Parcel;
  • Assessing Your Parcel for customs declaration purposes;
  • Assessing whether any of the contents of Your Parcel are Prohibited or Dangerous contents or are otherwise prohibited under these terms; and
  • Checking any of Your Parcels which arrive opened or damaged at a Warehouse to assess whether Parcels in Your Parcel are suitable for onward shipping to the Delivery Address.
Repacking of Your Parcels
We may open and repack Your Parcels without notice to you to assess the contents of the Parcel. We are under no obligation to, but may choose to, use more efficient packaging to reduce your overall shipping charge and will advise you in this circumstance.

If Your Parcel requires special or extraordinary packaging, there will be an additional charge. You will be advised of these costs and asked for permission prior to repacking.

You agree that any such repacking of Your Parcels may mean the return, refund or exchange policy of the Merchant for the Parcels becomes invalid, void or cancelled. Australia Post shall not be liable to you for any loss, damage or liability which may be suffered or incurred by you as a result of repacking a Parcel.


Return of Your Parcels
We may, but are not obliged to, arrange for Your Parcels to be returned to the relevant Merchant or sent to another address in the US after Your Parcel has been received at our Warehouse and before it has left the Warehouse for Shipping if you request that we do so and pay our applicable Charges.


Return for non-payment
Without limiting our other rights, we may, at our sole discretion and with or without notice to you but at your cost, arrange for the return of Your Parcels to the relevant Merchant if you have not paid the Charges for, or provided us with all information we request to Deliver Your Parcel within 28 days of us notifying you of the information required, or the Charges payable.


No liability
We will have no liability to you whatsoever for damage to, delay in delivery or loss of, Your Parcels which we have arranged to return to a Merchant on your behalf.


Return after leaving Warehouse
If you wish to return Parcels to a Merchant after they have left a Warehouse for delivery to the Delivery Address, you are solely responsible for arranging for the return of such Parcels.


Charges, payments, duties and taxes
The Charges for the Services are set out on the ShopMate website. Shipping Charges are based on the greater of the actual or volumetric weight of Your Parcel. The weight and measurements we use to determine the Charges for Your Parcel will be the weight and measurements determined by Australia Post at the Warehouse. We will notify you of all applicable Charges for Your Parcel. If there is any inconsistency between the Charges on the ShopMate website and the Charges in our notice to you, the Charges in our notice to you will prevail.

There will be no charge if you update the Delivery Address for Your Parcel before you have paid for the Shipping to the Delivery Address. You will have another opportunity to update your delivery details once your parcel arrives in Australia and shows up in your Australia Post My Deliveries account. There will be no charge for this.
We may amend the Charges
Australia Post reserves the right to amend our Charges, including the method of calculating any Charges. If we do this, we will publicise the change on the ShopMate Website.

Charges and Payments
You will pay us all Charges relating to the Services provided in respect of Your Parcels. All Charges must be paid in Australian dollars using the ShopMate website. No other form or method of payment will be accepted. We will not Ship your Parcel until all Charges in respect of that Parcel have been paid in full.

Credit card numbers will not be stored on the web site and will never be made publicly available. All information concerning your order is encrypted and can only be viewed by members of the ShopMate team with authorised access to that information. Your credit/debit card data will be used to complete payment and will be stored securely by SecurePay. Your credit card details are not visible to the members of the ShopMate team.

You warrant that you are the owner of the credit or debit card used by you for making payments through the ShopMate website or are authorised by the owner of that credit or debit card to make such payments.

Taxes and duties
You are responsible for paying all taxes, duties and customs clearance and other charges:
  • relating to the Shipping of Your Parcels from our Warehouse and Delivery to the Delivery Address; and
  • for any of Your Parcels which arrive at our Warehouse with any such taxes, duties or charges unpaid.
Any of Your Parcels which arrive at the Warehouse with any taxes, duties or charges unpaid for will not be accepted at the Warehouse.

We are not responsible for any seizure, detention or other actions by any Regulatory Authorities or any delay in the delivery, or non-delivery, of Your Parcels to you because any such taxes, duties or charges have not been paid.


All Charges are zero-rated for GST purposes. Should GST become chargeable on the ShopMate Service or the Charges, we may increase the Charges by the GST amount. As at 1 October 2014, the GST threshold for valuation of goods entering Australia is AUD1000.

If your Parcel becomes assessable for GST as a High Value Item, the provisions above (at High Value Parcels) will apply


Promotional codes
Promotional codes entitle a ShopMate user to a discount on the Charges during specified periods.

Promotional codes will only be valid for a limited period of time. The duration and expiry dates of the relevant promotional code will be included with the promotional code.

The terms of the promotional code will specify whether the code can be used only for a limited number of Your Parcels, or for multiple Parcels.

Only one promotional code at a time can be used for Your Parcels.

Promotional codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or special offers, unless we explicitly state otherwise.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept a promotional code where it is not used in accordance with these terms or the terms of the promotional code itself.


Exclusions of Liability
Subject only to the Australia Post Terms and Conditions, (which include the terms and conditions of Extra Cover, which may in certain circumstances provide some remedy to You for delayed delivery or non-delivery of Parcels) Australia Post shall not be liable to You or any other person (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) for any loss or damage suffered, or that may be suffered, as a result of any act or or on behalf of Australia Post in relation to the promotion, provision, suspension or termination of the ShopMate service, or any other matter or thing relating to these Terms of Use. The disclaimer of liability stated in this paragraph will not apply to any loss or damage suffered as a direct result of any fraud or wilful misconduct by or on behalf of Australia Post.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Australia Post expressly disclaims all conditions and warranties, express or implied, in respect of the ShopMate service and the carriage of any Parcel pursuant to these Terms of Use. Where the law precludes such exclusion and implies certain conditions and warranties into this Terms of Use, the liability of Australia Post for breach of such condition or warranty shall be limited, at the option of Australia Post, to any one or more of the following:
  1. supplying the ShopMate service again; or
  2. payment of the cost of having the ShopMate service supplied.

You agree to be liable to, and shall wholly indemnify, Australia Post for or against any loss claim or damage whatsoever which Australia Post may suffer or incur as a result of any action, proceeding, claim, demand or prosecution in relation to, the provision of the ShopMate service to You, the carriage of any Parcel lodged by You through the ShopMate service, or any other matter or thing which arises out of Your conduct, negligence, breach of Terms of Use, mis-statement of fact (intentional or otherwise) or which in any manner or form arises out of either the nature condition or characteristics of premises of You which are visited by Australia Post personnel, or the nature, condition, packaging, legality, or consignment of Postal Articles consigned to Australia Post. The indemnity given in this paragraph will not apply to any loss or damage suffered as a direct result of any fraud or wilful misconduct by or on behalf of Australia Post. The liabilities imposed by this sub-clause continue and survive notwithstanding any termination of these Terms of Use.

All the rights, immunities and limitations of liability in these Terms of Use shall continue to have their full force and effect in all circumstances notwithstanding any breach of contract or of any conditions hereof by Australia Post. Please note that charges to Change Delivery Details will not be reimbursed if Your Parcels are lost.


Force Majeure Event
Upon the occurrence of a Force Majeure Event, these terms shall be suspended, neither party shall be in default under these terms of use, and neither party shall be liable for failure to observe or perform any obligation arising under any provision of these terms of use, for the period during which the Force Majeure Event subsists.


ShopMate is an offering of Singapore Post’s vPost product. ShopMate will collect your personal information in order to facilitate the parcel forwarding process of goods purchased from merchants located in the United States. The personal information being collected will not be used for any secondary purposes.

For support and service delivery purposes your personal information will be disclosed to partner organisations located in Hong Kong and Singapore. Personal information, including your parcel contents will also be disclosed to operational hubs in the United States for customs reporting purposes.

Without your personal information we would be unable to provide you with this service. Subject to some exceptions allowed by law, you may request access to your personal information while we store it. We will assess your request in accordance with the law and tell you why if access is denied. A request to access, update or correct any information should be directed to the Privacy Contact Officer, Australia Post, GPO Box 1777, Melbourne, Vic, 3001. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

Australia Post respects the privacy of You and your personal information. Any and all data and information collected by Australia Post through the provision of the Service will be managed strictly in accordance with the Australia Post Privacy Policy (at


Unsolicited promotional material
From time to time we may receive unsolicited promotional materials from Merchants that is addressed to you. If this occurs we will take the following action:
  • If we are able to link the marketing/promotional material to your account, we will contact you to see if you would like to arrange to ship or discard the promotional material. After 28 days if we have not heard anything from you, the goods will be discarded automatically.
  • If we are unable to link the marketing/promotional material to your customer account, then the goods will have a status of "orphan package". In this case the promotional material will be discarded automatically after 28 days.
Termination and Suspension
Australia Post may at any time, on giving reasonable notice to you, terminate or suspend either your use of the ShopMate service, or the ShopMate service in its entirety. Unless Australia Post has an entitlement to suspend or cancel commenced ShopMate transactions (such as under these terms and conditions, or under the Australian Postal Corporation Act, or the Australia Post Service Terms and Conditions made under that Act) all ShopMate transactions commenced before any account suspension or termination will be completed.

You may, at any time, without cause, suspend or terminate the Your participation in the ShopMate service, save that any incomplete Service or delivery instructions or payment liabilities which exist at the time of any such termination must be completed and effected in full irrespective of any such termination.


Consequences of termination or suspension
We will not be liable to you for any termination or suspension. Termination or suspension of these terms and your access to and use of the ShopMate website and any Services does not release you or us of any rights or obligations that accrued prior to termination, including but not limited to your obligation to pay us Charges.

If, at the date of termination or suspension, any of Your Parcels received at our Warehouse have not been Delivered to you, these terms will continue to apply to such Parcels until they are Delivered to you, except that if you have not paid all applicable Charges within seven days of termination or suspension we may destroy or dispose of such Parcels as we see fit without any further requirement to give notice to you of our intended actions and we shall have no liability to you whatsoever in respect of such Parcels.


Any notice or communication from us to you will be deemed to have been received by you if it is sent to the email address you provide to us through the ShopMate website for the purposes of using the Services.

If you need to contact us you can use any of the methods described on our Contact and support page.


Trademarks and Copyright
"Australia Post", "ShopMate" are trademarks of The Australian Postal Corporation. No license to use any of these trademarks is given or implied. The trademarks may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, used, modified or distributed in any way (except as an integral part of an authorised copy of material appearing in these web pages) without the prior written permission of Australia Post. The contents of the ShopMate, and Australia Post "auspost" websites are in their entirety copyright to Australia Post and no reproduction or use of any of the text or images displayed on that site is permitted except in the limited circumstances permitted by law.


The ShopMate Website is a white label service owned and controlled by Singapore Post Limited. Australia Post has appointed Singapore Post Limited to perform the international freight forwarding service as part of the Services provided to you. Australia Post reserves the right to authorise the performance of any Australia Post obligations (either in respect of the ShopMate service, or any delivery or other function required to be completed by Australia Post) through contractors or sub-contractors to, or of, Australia Post. Where contractors and / or sub-contractors are engaged by Australia Post the same are included within the definition of "Australia Post" and are entitled to all of the benefits and rights imposed upon and enjoyed by Australia Post by these terms and conditions, or by any relevant provisions of the Australian Postal Corporation Act, the Australia Post Service Terms and Conditions, or the service-specific terms and conditions for any service ordered or supplied through the ShopMate Website.


Australia Post may vary these terms and conditions at any time by giving appropriate notice of proposed changes through the ShopMate website. Any use of the Service by a customer after any variation to the terms and conditions becomes effective will be deemed to constitute acceptance of the variations thereto, and any service supplied will be supplied on the terms and conditions as varied. If You do not accept any variation to the terms and conditions, You should terminate your participation in the Service as contemplated in the clause titled Termination and Suspension above.


Governing Law
These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. In the event of a dispute both you and we agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria and the Federal Court of Australia.


“Change Delivery Details" means changing the name or address contained in the Delivery Address to another name or address within Australia after international postage has been paid.

“Charges" means the charges or fees for the Services as described on the ShopMate website and as notified to you in respect of Your Parcels, and includes:
• any charges for return, repacking, disposal or additional compensation cover for Your Parcels;
• any taxes, duties, customs clearance and other charges payable in respect of Your Parcels; and
• any other costs and expenses described in these terms.

"Dangerous goods" mean:
  • Nail Polish
  • Glue
  • Perfume
  • Lipstick
  • Batteries
  • Marker (depended on material)
  • Printer Ink
  • Magnetized material
  • Spray
  • Dry Ice
  • Vaccines
  • Automobile parts
  • Laboratory testing Equipment
  • Camping expeditionary Equipment
  • Chemicals
  • Diving Equipment
  • Drilling and Mining Equipment
  • Dry (vapor) shipper
and any other goods classified as dangerous goods in the APTCs.

“Deliver" has the meaning set out in the APTCs.

“Delivery Address" means the name and address in Australia specified by you through the ShopMate website:
  • Prior to your payment of the international postage Charges; or
  • Upon inclusion into the Australia Post My Deliveries website;

"Extra Cover" means the cover available from Australia Post for carriage of parcels up to a maximum $5000 in accordance with Schedule 1 of the Australia Post Terms and Conditions of Service.

"Force Majeure Event" means any event or circumstance which could not with reasonable diligence be controlled or prevented, including without limitation, war, insurrection, riot, civil commotion, strikes, lock-outs, labour or industrial disputes, acts of God, acts of Governments or flood, storm, tempest, power shortages or power failure, system outages or interruptions, inability to obtain sufficient labour, raw materials, fuel or utilities.

"GST" has the meaning contained in the Goods and Services Tax Act 1985;

"High Value Parcel" means a parcel which – because its declared or assessed value for the purposes of Australian Customs law exceeds a dutiable threshold – must be declared to, and assessed for duty and customs charges by Australian Customs authorities;

"Merchant" means a person, organisation or entity in the United States with whom you are able to transact with for the purchase and shipment of Parcels to your ShopMate Address.

"Prohibited Parcels" means:
  • Parcels which are inadequately or insecurely packaged for storage, handling or carriage;
  • Parcels which are damaged when received at the Warehouse;
  • Food or perishable Parcels;
  • Parcels which are illegal or prohibited by law or any Regulatory Authority, whether in the US or in Australia;
  • Parcels that contain Dangerous Goods;
  • Letters, magazines, catalogues, and any other promotional material;
  • Any goods or materials classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, or prohibited or restricted articles by IATA and ICAO, including under the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, as amended or updated from time to time; and
  • Any other Parcels listed in the Australia Post ‘Country & Customs regulations’ guide as prohibited Parcels, high risk Parcels or restricted Parcels.
"Regulatory Authority" means any department of state, central, local, federal, state or territorial governmental or semi-governmental authority or agency (including any military authority), or other statutory or regulatory authority or agency, judicial entity or industry regulator having jurisdiction or authority to perform or exercise functions or powers and includes:
  • The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service;
  • The Ministry of Primary Industries;
  • Any government agency in Australia on behalf the Australian Customs Service or the Ministry of Primary Industries acts; and
  • The equivalent of the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and the Ministry of Primary Industries in the US.
"Services" means the services as described on and the content and functionality on or accessible from the ShopMate website, including but not limited to the receipt, repackaging, processing, storing, freighting, Update Delivery Details, Change Delivery Details and delivery of Your Parcels and all other activities and services undertaken by or on behalf of us in respect of Your Parcels and your access and use of the ShopMate website.

"Ship" means the shipment of Your Parcels from our US Warehouse to your Delivery Address in Australia.

"ShopMate Addresses" means the unique addresses at the US Warehouse allocated to you by ShopMate, as may be amended by us from time to time by giving you notice of any changes to that address, and "ShopMate Address" means one of those addresses.

"ShopMate website" means the website

"Update Delivery Details" means updating the Delivery Details before international postage has been paid or upon your parcels entry into My Deliveries.

"Your Parcel" or "Parcel" or "Goods" means articles purchased by, and/or addressed to, you which you have arranged with a Merchant to be sent to your ShopMate Address.

"Warehouse" means the facility in the US chosen by us as the location to which goods ordered by you from a Merchant will be received, processed and stored.
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