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Update for USA deliveries

Parcels arriving into the US warehouse are being processed within 1 - 2 working days of arrival at the warehouse. Delivery issues have been identified across the US delivery providers with parcels being delivered to incorrect addresses (not the ShopMate USA warehouse).

If the scan status of your package is showing as 'delivered' but is not appearing in your ShopMate account after more than 3 working days, please raise a delivery enquiry with your Merchant. We are working with the US delivery providers to try & resolve these issues.




What should I enter as my shipping address on US merchant websites?


You should enter your US ShopMate address, as found in ‘My Addresses’ in your ShopMate account.

Your ShopMate address comprises your name, a suite number and a street address. You must include your ShopMate suite number in the shipping address, as this is how ShopMate identifies that the parcel belongs to you.

Some merchants will allow you to enter your name and suite number in the name field, while others may not accept numbers in that field. If this happens, simply enter your suite number in the 2nd or 3rd address line instead.

If a phone number is required, enter your own number.

How do I update or add a delivery address on ShopMate?
Each time you send a new parcel through ShopMate you can either:
  • add a new address, or
  • select your preferred address from those used previously

You can also manage your delivery addresses via Australia Post My Deliveries. Simply log in to your Australia Post Account and select My Deliveries.

You can add as many delivery addresses as you like, just be sure to select the correct delivery address each time you check out.

Can I deliver to a Parcel Locker?

Yes, you can. If you have a Parcel Locker address, you can add this as a delivery address by logging into ShopMate and go to ‘My addresses’ and ‘Add a new address’. Please put your Australia Post Customer Number (APCN) in the Recipient Full Name field (e.g.,: “John Smith P/Locker CNXXXXX XXXXXX”) rather than the Address line 1 or line 2 fields in order for the address to be validated correctly. Once your Parcel Locker address is added, you can select it as the delivery address when you check out on ShopMate.

Why was my credit card not accepted when shopping with a US Merchant using my ShopMate account?

Some US merchants may not accept overseas credit cards as a method of payment.

Additionally, there are other possible reasons why your credit card might have been declined.

We recommend contacting your credit card provider for further information.

How do I order from a US merchant that does not accept Australian credit cards?

You should contact your bank or credit card provider to see if they can add your ShopMate address as a secondary billing address on your account.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider using an international travel card such as those provided by Australia Post. These foreign currency cards give you all the convenience of shopping in another currency with greater security.

What currency is used for payment?


Transactions between you and the US merchant will be conducted in their preferred currency.

ShopMate’s shipping charges are shown in Australian dollars.

How will I know that ShopMate has received my items from the US merchant?


You will receive a notification when your parcel arrives at the ShopMate US warehouse.

You’ll also be able to view all of your received parcels by logging in to your ShopMate account and clicking ‘My Shopping’.

Please ensure that you have updated your email address used in your ShopMate profile and that your mailbox is not full.

I can’t find my ShopMate parcel listed in ‘My Shopping’ on the ShopMate website. What should I do?


If you cannot see your parcel, please click ‘Find my package’ at the bottom of ‘My Shopping’. Enter the merchant tracking number that was issued to you by the US merchant during checkout.

If you do not have a merchant tracking number, please contact the US merchant for further assistance.

What happens if the merchant delivers the wrong item or quantity?


If you receive an incorrect item or quantity of goods delivered through ShopMate, you should liaise directly with the US Merchant for any refund, return, exchange or money-back guarantee claim.

Unfortunately, returns, exchanges or compensation claims cannot be managed by ShopMate, nor can ShopMate assist with this process.


Shipping and handling


How do I pay the shipping charges for my ShopMate parcel?


Once your ShopMate parcel status shows ‘Package included’, you’ll be able to pay the shipping charges by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your ShopMate account and navigate to ‘My ShopMate’
  2. Select the parcel you would like to pay for
  3. Verify your delivery details
  4. Enter a voucher code if applicable
  5. Proceed to checkout and pay with Visa or MasterCard

You have 21 days to pay shipping costs. Storage fees may apply if payment is not made within this time.

Why does my final shipping rate differ from the estimate provided by your shipping calculator?


Each parcel is weighed and measured when it is received at the ShopMate warehouse.

The final shipping rate you are charged will be based on these actual dimensions and measurements, rather than any estimate provided in advance by our shipping calculator.

What goods can’t be sent to Australia using ShopMate?


Goods that cannot be sent via ShopMate include:

  • food or perishable goods
  • items requiring cold storage shipping
  • dangerous or prohibited items as determined by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. These commonly include perfume, items containing lithium-ion batteries, ink cartridges and aerosols.

More information on dangerous and prohibited items is available on the Australia Post website.

If your item cannot be delivered for any of the above reasons, you will be notified that you have an ’Erroneous Package’ and provided with alternative delivery options.

Are there any size or weight limits for parcels sent through ShopMate?


Yes, parcels cannot exceed the following limits:

  • weight: 22kg
  • length: 1.05 m
  • dimension: 0.25 cubic metres

In the event that a parcel exceeds these limits, we will notify you and give you the option to either return the item(s) to the US merchant at your cost, or alternatively, pay AUD5.00 to have the item destroyed.

Can I split items in a package that is over-sized or heavy?


Unfortunately, we are unable to split items in a package.

If I have multiple items being forwarded to me via ShopMate, can these be repacked and sent as one item?


ShopMate now offers you a parcel consolidation service for parcels from the same USA merchant. This allows you to combine up to 5 packages into one consolidated parcel to help you save on your base shipping cost.

For parcels from different merchants, if you are paying for the shipments via ShopMate on the same day in one checkout, you may be eligible for a bundling discount. Your first parcel will be charged the full shipping rate, while you get a AUD7.50 discount on each subsequent parcel. Consolidated parcels are not eligible for bundling discount and will not be counted as parcels for bundling discount.

Is there a maximum value per parcel that can be sent using ShopMate?


There is no maximum value limit imposed by ShopMate.

However, items valued over AUD1,000.00 may be subject to additional taxes and duties in Australia, while items valued over USD2,500.00 will be subject to an additional customs clearance procedure in the US. You will be notified in this instance and provided with a Shippers Export Declaration form to complete.

Do I need to fill out a US Customs declaration before shipping my item?


No US Customs declaration is required for orders below USD2,500.00.

For orders equalling or exceeding USD2,500.00, a Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) form is needed to clear the parcel through US Customs.

You will be notified when you have an item that exceeds USD2,500.00 and will need to follow the steps below to submit your SED:

  1. Log in to ShopMate, click on ‘My ShopMate’ and view the status of your parcel
  2. If the status is ‘Wait for form’, click on the link ‘Download SED form’
  3. Print out the SED form and complete all the required details
  4. Sign the form
  5. Return the form to our Customer Contact Centre

We’ll forward the SED form on your behalf to US Customs, so you do not need to contact them directly. Our Customer Contact Centre will notify you if any further details are required to clear your parcel.

Are goods sent via ShopMate insured for loss or damage?


Cover for loss or damage is not automatically provided for items sent via ShopMate.

You can buy Extra Cover for items valued up to AUD5,000.00. It costs just AUD2.50 per AUD100.00 of your item’s value. Items are insured for loss or damage once Extra Cover is fully paid.

Please note that ShopMate Extra Cover does not cover loss or damage that is caused by:

  • your own wilful misconduct
  • ordinary wear and tear
  • delay, however caused
  • electrical fault or non-operation of the goods in the absence of any visible damage
What should I do if my parcel purchased through ShopMate has arrived damaged?


If your shipment arrives visibly damaged, please make a note on the receipt that the delivery driver asks you to sign. Then open the package and carefully check your goods for signs of damage.

If the goods themselves are damaged, please contact our customer contact center here for instructions of how to submit a claim.

What are my options if I do not wish to proceed with shipping my parcel purchased through ShopMate to Australia?


If you do not wish to proceed with having an item purchased through ShopMate shipped to Australia, you can choose to:

  • return your parcel to the US merchant you purchased from
  • have your parcel forwarded to an alternative address
  • ask ShopMate to securely dispose of your item

If you choose to return your parcel to the US merchant or forward it to another address, you will be asked to supply the address and a contact phone number for that address and pay for the associated delivery costs.

Sometimes the online merchant will include a pre-paid return label. We will advise you if this is the case. A handling fee of AUD7.00 will apply for returning a parcel using a merchant’s pre-paid return label.

Please note that parcels at our ShopMate US warehouse can only be returned to a US address.


Tracking and delivery


How long will delivery take?


Delivery to the ShopMate warehouse

Please refer to the US merchant’s website for details about their delivery times within the US.
Please note that it will take 1-2 working days for us to process the your parcel after it arrives at our US warehouse, before it shows up against your ShopMate account.

Delivery to my Australian address

After your ShopMate shipping costs have been paid and any other necessary documentation is complete, it should take around 5-8 business days for delivery from the ShopMate warehouse to your designated Australian address.

Can I track my ShopMate orders?


Yes, you will be able to track your ShopMate items from receipt at our US warehouse right up to delivery at your nominated Australian address.

Simply log in to your ShopMate account and navigate to ‘My Tracking’ to view the status of your packages.

If the status of your parcel is ‘Shipped out from US’ you can click on the My Delivery link to be redirected to the Australia Post ‘My Deliveries’ tracking site.

Alternatively, you can log in to your Australia Post account to get tracking updates, then simply:

  1. Go to 'My Deliveries'
  2. Click on 'View articles' under 'Current articles'. This will bring up your delivery watchlist and show you the current status of any items. If the item you want to track isn't visible, you can add it manually by entering your merchant ID number
  3. Click on 'Tracking' to view the article's full tracking history

Examples of tracking statuses you will see under ‘My Deliveries’ include:

  • arrived at facility in destination country
  • processed through Australia Post facility
  • with Australia Post for delivery
  • delivered

Please note that these tracking events may vary for some consignments.

How do I return items once I’ve received them in Australia?


To return items delivered via ShopMate, you will need to contact the US merchant directly, arrange your own postage and pay any associated freight costs.

Unfortunately, returns cannot be managed via ShopMate, nor can ShopMate assist you with this process.

What should I do if I have lost my ShopMate tracking number?


If you have lost your ShopMate tracking number, log in to your ShopMate account and click on the ‘My ShopMate’ tab to see if your consignment details are listed.

Alternatively, you can contact our customer contact centre here for further support.

Please ensure that you quote your Australia Post Customer Number and ShopMate Suite number.

If your question hasn’t been answered, contact us for assistance.


Australian Customs and Duty


What happens if my parcel is deemed as High Value Parcel?


If your parcel is over AUD$980 it may be deemed as High Value Parcel by Australian Customs. We will advise you of this via your ShopMate account and additional duties and taxes may be levied and payable once your parcel is received by Customs in Australia. Australian Customs will require additional documentation including a Shippers Export Declaration form.

Upon receipt of such notification, you have the option to either:

  1. Use our nominated customs broker to handle customs clearance. You will have to pay the customs broker directly all brokers fees and all taxes, duties, levies or charges assessed; or
  2. Act on your own behalf to either (a) manage the customs processes yourself, or (b) locate and appoint a customs broker of your own choosing to complete all necessary forms and declarations required by Australian Customs; or
  3. Elect to return the parcel back to the US merchant or shipped to another address in the US at your own cost.
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