Customs, duties and taxes
Australian Border Force may refer your item to the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment which may attract an Australian Quarantine Inspection Services fee.

ShopMate does not add any additional levies or surcharges to your shipping costs. However, there are some other charges that you should be aware of.
Items valued over $2,500 USD will be subject to an additional customs clearance procedure in the USA, and in this instance ShopMate will provide you with a Shipper’s Export Declaration Form (SED) to complete.
Items valued at $1,000 AUD or less:
The Australian Government has passed laws which extend the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to low value imports of physical goods. From 1 July 2018, Australia Post will be required to collect GST from customers and pay that GST to the Australian Tax Office, on items valued at $1,000 AUD or less, that customers ship into Australia using ShopMate.

From 1 July 2018, each time you check out a ShopMate parcel and declare the value of the goods, you will be asked to provide payment for your ShopMate shipping and the applicable GST all in the same transaction^.
The rate of GST is 10%.

GST will be payable on:
  • The value of the item(s) you are shipping into Australia via ShopMate including any shipping fees or local taxes paid to the USA retailer, and
  • The value of the ShopMate shipping and service fee (including Extra Cover if applicable)
Within 48 hours of providing payment, for each ShopMate transaction you’ll need to email Australia Post a copy of the USA retailer invoice.
The invoice must include the price of all goods which you are sending to Australia via ShopMate and the shipping fees of these products from the USA retailer to the ShopMate USA warehouse.

How to email us your invoice:
  1. Email a copy of the USA retailer invoice to:
  2. Include your first and last name and ShopMate Suite Number in the email subject line.
    • Your suite number is the second address line of your ShopMate USA address, this can be found in the “My Addresses” tab once you login to your account.
    • For example: John Smith, Suite SM-2364-5833

^An additional administrative and processing charge of $AUD 55.00 will be imposed if your USA retailer invoice isn’t submitted, and/or if the declared value is not accurate. For more information click here


Items valued at over $1,000 AUD:
Items above $1,000 AUD may be subject to additional duties and taxes upon arrival in Australia. Please be aware when consolidating your parcels that duties and taxes are assessed on the combined value of the goods in your parcel. You will need to refer to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service website for details.
ShopMate will contact if your item is valued over $1,000 AUD outlining next steps.
ShopmMate may also charge the following fees under certain circumstances:
  • Holding Fee for unpaid parcels: A holding fee of $2 AUD per parcel per day may apply for parcels that are held for more than 21 days from the processed date
  • Penalty Fee for unprocessed parcels: ShopMate may also impose a penalty for unprocessed items belonging to you, which are abandoned at our US facility
  • Repacking Fee for special items: ShopMate may charge for repacking of special or fragile items to ensure safe delivery
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