Shipping rates
International shipping rates are A$22.95 per parcel, plus A$4.95 per 500g. The minimum chargeable weight is 500g, with 500g increments thereafter. The chargeable weight of your parcel will be based on the greater of its actual weight or cubic weight (charged in 500g increments).
Example product Base rate (AUD) Weight rate (AUD) Total (AUD)
Weight: 500g
$22.95 $4.95 $27.90
Pair of women's shoes
$22.95 $14.85 $37.80
Women’s handbag
$22.95 $19.80 $42.75
Sleeping Bag
$22.95 $29.70 $52.65
Consolidation service: If you parcels are from the same USA retailer, you can get cost savings from consolidation to ship them as one consolidated parcel.

Bundling discount: If your parcels are from different USA retailer, you can still get savings to ship them at the same time. When you checkout multiple parcels at the same time on ShopMate, your first parcel will be charged the full shipping costs, but we will offer you a discount of AUD 7.50 on each subsequent parcel. Consolidated boxes are not eligible for bundling discount and will not be counted as first or subsequent parcels for bundling discount.


Once your shopping arrives at your US address, we’ll let you know what the shipping charges to Australia will be. You can pay with Visa or MasterCard.
If you would like to work out the shipping cost yourself, simply use our shipping calculator or you can calculate the cubic weight of your parcel by following these steps:
Calculating the cubic weight of your parcel
1. Measure your parcel
The images below show you how to measure regular and irregular shaped parcels, and satchels.
Handy tip: When measuring the length and width of your parcel, always use the maximum points.
2. Cube your parcel
The cubic weight is the parcel's volume in cubic centimetres, divided by 6,000. To work this out, use the formula below:
Height x length x width ÷ 6,000 = cubic weight

For example: 50cm X 30cm X 40cm
= 60,000cm3 ÷ 6,000
= 10kg cubic weight

If the actual weight of your parcel is 9kg but the cubic weight is 10kg, we'll charge you the cubic weight because it is greater. But if the parcel's actual weight is 16kg, we'll charge you the actual weight because it is greater than the cubic weight of 10kg.
Maximum weight and dimensions
The maximum weight of a single parcel that can be sent through ShopMate is 22kg. Individual parcels must not exceed the following dimensions:
  • a maximum girth of 200cm
  • no one side greater than 1.05m in length
  • a dimension greater than 0.25 cubic metres
The formula for working out the girth of your overseas parcel is:
Width + height x 2 = girth
For example: 30cm + 20cm
= 50cm x 2
= 100cm girth

In the event that a parcel exceeds our weight or dimension restrictions, you will be notified and given the option to either pay for a return to the US merchant, or alternatively, pay AUD5 to have the item destroyed in the US.
Extra cover
Items sent via ShopMate are not automatically covered for loss or damage. However, Extra Cover is available to items valued up to AUD5,000.00. It covers against loss, theft or damage of your parcel while being shipped by Australia Post*.

To buy Extra Cover, simply select it as an additional feature when you pay for your item on ShopMate.

It costs only AUD2.50 per AUD100.00 of your parcel’s value. Please note that the value of your item is determined by its purchase price as detailed on the merchant’s invoice.


Making a claim
To make an Extra Cover claim, you'll need to lodge a claim form within 20 days of shipment of Your Parcel.  You may be asked to provide supporting information, a statutory declaration and proof of identity. Claim forms are available at all post offices.
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