Parcel Consolidation
Our parcel consolidation service allows you to combine up to 5 parcels purchased from the same USA retailer into 1 – saving you money on the base shipping rate.
Here’s how it works:
  • Every time you receive a new parcel, we send you an email notification to let you know.
  • Declare each parcel as it comes in, however wait for all of your parcels to arrive before requesting parcel consolidation.
  • Once all your parcels have arrived, log into your account and click on "My Shopping" where you can view all your received parcels.
  • Click on 'Request to consolidate' (below the 'Proceed to checkout' button) and select the parcels you wish to consolidate. A maximum of 5 parcels from the same merchant will be accepted.
  • Once your parcels have been consolidated, we’ll send you an email notification to let you know it’s ready for you to checkout.
  • Within 48 hours of successfully providing payment, for each ShopMate transaction you’ll need to email Australia Post a copy of your USA retailer invoice.
  • The invoice must include the price of all goods which you are sending to Australia via ShopMate and the shipping fees of these products from the USA retailer to the ShopMate USA warehouse.
    How to email us your invoice:
    1. Email a copy of the USA retailer invoice to:
    2. Include your first and last name and ShopMate Suite Number in the email subject line.
    • Your suite number is the second address line of your ShopMate USA address, this can be found in the “My Addresses” tab once you login to your account.
    • For example: John Smith, Suite SM-2364-5833
Important things to note:
  • We can only consolidate up to 5 parcels from the same retailer (i.e. the invoices for these parcels are issued by the same entity).
  • Parcels from different USA retailers may be eligible for a bundling discount.
  • Before requesting parcel consolidation wait until all of your parcels arrive at the warehouse.
  • The standard shipping restrictions, including limit to the size and weight of a ShopMate parcel, apply to the consolidated parcel.
  • Consolidation requests takes up to 2 business day to process. You can only checkout and pay after the parcels have been successfully consolidated into one parcel.
  • After parcels have been consolidated into a single parcel for shipping they cannot be separated again.
  • A consolidated parcel cannot be consolidated with other parcels.
  • You have 21 days from the arrival of the first parcel to request for consolidation with other parcels, otherwise extra holding fee may apply.
  • The combined value of your parcels will increase when you consolidate, which may result in additional GST, duties and customs charges. Please be aware that your consolidated parcel will be subject to GST. Your consolidated parcel may also be subject to Customs Duty if the value of the items exceeds $1,000 AUD.
Scenarios where we will not able to consolidate your parcels:
  • If parcels are from different US retailers
  • If parcels contain goods that ShopMate will not carry including dangerous or prohibited goods
  • If the consolidated parcel exceeds the size and weight limit of a ShopMate parcel.
  • If parcels have already been consolidated into one box.
  • If all parcel items are unable to fit into a consolidated box..
  • If the cost of consolidating parcels into one box is greater than the total cost of sending all parcels individually.
  • Please note that once a consolidation request has been made, we cannot cancel it or add more packages to it.
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